Did you know that offering a gift card program often outperforms other marketing strategies by a wide margin?

There are many ways to get your customer’s attention including advertising, direct mail, coupons, etc. But what will ultimately motivate them to buy your products or services? Using gift cards as a marketing vehicle is an intelligent and effective method of engaging your customers and encouraging them to come back again and again. Here are just a few ways gift cards can outperform many other common marketing strategies:

  1. Gift cards build brand awareness. They’re like a billboard in the wallet, keeping your business top of mind for the customer.
  2. Gift cards provide a greater perceived value than offering coupons or discounts.
  3. Statistics show that consumer’s spend nearly 40% more than the gift card’s initial value, increasing your profit.
  4. Gift cards improve your cash flow. They are like an interest free loan from your customer that makes you money!
  5. Unredeemed value stays in your pocket and there’s never any cash back for change.
  6. Gift cards can be used to eliminate cash refunds and ensure that returns don’t end up being a total loss of revenue.
  7. You can offer a pre-loaded gift card to a customer as a way to satisfy them after a bad experience in your business. Chances are, it will make them feel better and bring them back to make things right and earn more repeat business.

Our gift card program offers convenient and affordable gift card solutions to our clients. With eGiftSolutions, you can quickly establish a store-branded program just like the big box retailers. Whether you need gift cards for a franchise or a single location, eGiftSolutions is guaranteed to drive revenue, customer loyalty and overall brand exposure.

As an eGiftSolutions partner, you’ll experience complete program management, including gift card processing, design and fulfillment services, in-house support and real-time online reporting. We streamline the entire process so you can concentrate on more important business components – like expanding your reach and garnering even more customer satisfaction!

Between our exclusive processing options and comprehensive design, marketing and fulfillment services, we provide everything you need – and more – for implementing a successful gift card program!

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