Did your Clover device get damaged or suffer an untimely death?

Don’t pay full price for a replacement! We’ve got you covered, no questions asked – even if it isn’t in one piece…

Our Clover trade-in program allows merchants to trade-in any used, or damaged Clover device for less than the purchase of a whole new unit. Simply provide us with the details of your Clover device and account and we will make arrangements to ship you a brand-new unit for the fraction of the cost – we’ll even include the return shipping for your damaged device!

Our current swap program includes the Original Clover Station, Clover Station 2018 and the Clover Mini. Note: the Original Clover Station is no longer available, so all swaps we provide will include the latest model only.

Our swap pricing is as follows:

  • Original Clover Station: $999 (will be replaced with current model)
  • Clover Station 2018: $899.00
  • Clover Mini: $149.00

Please note, there are some circumstances where a merchant may be ineligible for our swap program. Please contact us directly to confirm eligibility and to ensure you own your hardware.

To take advantage of this offer, please call our office directly at 760-407-2943