Spectrum POS is pleased to be able to offer existing Clover merchants an easy way to upgrade their old model Clover stations to the latest 2018 model for just $599!

Why upgrade? 

The all-new Clover Station 2018 is much faster with a new 8-core processor and more memory. This translates to much smoother transaction processing and app performance. The new Clover Station also has the capability of running off of a backup batter for up to 4-hours, allowing merchants to have full-operation while being completely unplugged. The new Clover Station also has a much larger 14″ HD display, fingerprint login capability and much, much more.

All you have to do to take advantage of this offer is contact our office so we can get the details of your existing Clover account. Once you enroll in our new program, we will migrate all of your programming and ship the new Clover station to your location, including a return shipping box for the old hardware.

Please note, there are some circumstances where a merchant may be ineligible for our swap program. Some existing merchant accounts are ineligible for this trade-in program. Please contact us directly at 760-407-2943 to confirm eligibility and to ensure you own your hardware.

Note: This offer expires December 31st 2020