Going into the new year, ATS is offering an incredible upgrade incentive for users of legacy point of sale software. We are so committed to getting our customers up-to-date with the latest critical security patches and software that we are offering a cash incentive of $500 PER SYSTEM WORKSTATION for each system updated! So if you have 5 workstations, that’s a rebate of $2500 just to get in updated and compliant!

The truth of the matter, is you need to get updated anyway. With the release of EMV chip card issuance, you need to be able to accept EMV chip card transactions in order to prevent fraud and protect yourself from chargeback losses that can’t be disputed. There’s also SHA2 Encryption that requires that systems be running on Windows 7 or newer. As the credit card processing networks continue to upgrade their networks with this newer and more secure encryption standard, you may soon find that your system will no longer accept credit cards. Lastly, we have the issue of Mastercard Bin 2 and the release of a new card number range. For most software, this requires and upgrade which is going to cost $$. Non-compliance and non-acceptance of the new Mastercard cards that are issued will result in a breach of your merchant services terms.

Consequences for non-compliance with Mastercard Bin 2 series:

  • Transactions with the newly issued cards will be declined.
  • If your software is not updated before the deadline (June 30th, 2017), you will be in non-compliance. A non-compliant occurrence is any attempted and failed transaction that is confirmed as failed due to lack of readiness to support Bin 2 transactions.
  • Fines of $2500 per occurrence in the first 30 days of rollout, escalating to $10,000 in the next 60 days.
  • Up to $20,000 per occurence for subsequent violations.
  • These fines may be assessed per merchant location, per failed transaction.

Don’t let the issues mentioned above affect your business. Our $500 cash incentive is valid for any system that is currently running Dinerware, Aldelo, or PC America.

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